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What’s shakin’ gang! My name is Brittney Ventura. I help women squeeze everything out of their day through personal style. Stop wasting time and get dressed up for you. Life is the occasion.

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What You Get with me as your Personal Stylist

1. Stop buying pieces you’ll never wear

2. Know that everything in your closet represents the woman you want to be

3. Motivated to get dressed up for you and STOP wasting your time!

Fear not, our sessions are judgement free and confidential. Your messy closet is begging for a make over. Growing up with 5 women under one roof (I am the oldest of 4 girls) has prepared me well for my job as a stylist! I will display your clothes boutique style and teach you how to make outfits with your current clothes. Stop wasting your time and get dressed up for you! Life is the occasion. It’s time to match your outfit with your attitude!

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personal stylist

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