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Working with a personal stylist is a luxury service that is accessible to the everyday woman. Knowing that your wardrobe flatters you and aligns with the woman you want to be is just the beginning. You’ll have the closet of your dreams and save time getting dressed. Stop wasting time and get dressed up for you. Read on for a brief description of my styling packages. What are you waiting for? Life is the occasion!

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In-Personal & Virtual

My signature package is for anyone struggling to figure out what their style even is. We begin by establishing your style identity. You will know your undertone, your best colors and your best silhouettes/shapes/fits of clothing. With my Wardrobe Essentials Guide you will know where the gaps are in your closet. I will edit your entire wardrobe revealing the closet of your dreams. I will make outfits from your existing clothes and create a custom look book full of inspiration, industry secrets, and style hacks. Bonus: Shopping links to pieces in your size, on budget and in your color.

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After our initial sessions together, I continue to support you on your style journey. Your style will continue to evolve and change. Know that I am here to support you. I offer style bonuses to support you once we’ve identified your style.

For example, have you ever been in the dressing room and wished someone would tell you straight up if this ‘looks good’? Text or FaceTime me from the fitting room and get an immediate answer. That is a service I offer called Monthly Text/E-mail Support. Or have you been doing your make-up the same way since you graduated college? Wouldn’t it be nice to learn new techniques to keep you looking modern, fresh and current? That’s my Beauty: Make-Up 101 class. See list below for my complete Style Ascension offerings.

Client Testimonials

Brittney is like styling magic! She took lots of time and thoughtful questions to nail down my needs and style direction. She brought insight not just to the clothes, but the whole person!! My first virtual session has left me with endless new ideas of how to better style what I have and a few pieces my heart, soul, and closet need. She has been incredibly helpful so far and it’s only the beginning!! Not to mention, she’s freaking hilarious and so relatable, real, uplifting, organized, and charming. Friend, go get yourself some styling with Brittney!

Kayla G., Inspector General

Brittney was a lot of fun to work with. She zeroed in on a couple of small things that I had been missing, like why I didn’t wear half the jeans in my closet, and why I always seemed to ignore some of my blazers. Once she showed me that it was the rise of the jeans that didn’t work for me, and the collar on the blazers that I disliked it clicked! I redid my entire wardrobe. Brittney took the time to shop for me, send me links of some basics that were missing in my closet and she helped me regain control of my closet. Well worth the investment!

Cynthia C., Executive Consultant/Coach

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